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Kelowna mountain bike skills park
Dirt Jumping, Canada
Skatepark, Canada
Skatepark, Canada
Moose Jaw Bike Park
Dirt Jumping, Canada
Moose Jaw Bike Park
Dirt Jumping, Canada
Sackville Dirtjumps/Skatepark
Dirt Jumping, Canada
Airdrie BMX Track
BMX Track, Canada
Chinook Winds Skatepark
Skatepark, Canada
Chinook Winds Skatepark
Skatepark, Canada
Chinook Winds Skatepark
Skatepark, Canada



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Kelowna mountain bike skills park

Kelowna mountain bike skills park details

This park is going to be under going some maintainance work in the near future , right now it is mostly tabletops and has wooden run ins ! Really good place for young riders and beginners as there are four different sized lines from really small to really large. Beginner to pro riders welcome there are also two pump tracks at this location to help young ones learn how to control the bike .p
Spotted by Wayne Abbott

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@ six stair, United Kingdom, Street Spot
p.e chick @ Port Elizabeth Skatepark, South Africa, Skatepark


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