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Warded Way Route

United Kingdom

Go up the hill following the road take a right towards hanging shaw at the top of the hill you can go left to a scenic waterfall.Go right past the house and follow the track.at the crossroads you can go left further up the warded way or go right to wear you started.
Spotted by Honini

Barn Wood Dh

United Kingdom

A steep Dh trail.Walkers have destroyed the bottom jump but i am working on fixing it.
Spotted by Honini

Hermitage Wood Jump

United Kingdom

One jump built by me. (Has been destroyed but working on fixing it).
Spotted by Honini

Snuff mills dh trail

United Kingdom

A sketchy steep dh trail with log jumps
Spotted by Honini

Snuff mills Dh jumps

United Kingdom

Lots of Dh jumps. Not exact location. dont wanna give it away
Spotted by Honini

Black Rocks ( Eastville Park)

United Kingdom

Couple of crops of sandstone:Trad=3a to 5b. Bouldering=3b-6b
Spotted by Honini

Mothership (The climbing academy)

United Kingdom

An indoor bouldering gym with a fitness gym a comp wall a cafe courses pizzas beers and climbs ranging from 3 to 8a
Spotted by Honini

Conham River Park MTB

United Kingdom

Some jumps and a super steep DH trail.
Spotted by Honini

Eastville Park Dirt Jumps

United Kingdom

Some great dirt jumps.
Spotted by Honini


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