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Brookside jump spot
Dirt Jumping, United States
Brookside jump spot
Dirt Jumping, United States
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Dirt Jumping, United States
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Skatepark, United States
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mtb_trail, United States
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mtb_trail, United States
south ridge cycles box event
mtb_trail, United States
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Skatepark, United States
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BMX Track, United States
Mantec bmx track
BMX Track, United States



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Brookside jump spot

Brookside jump spot details

About 10 jumps in the woods behind the baseball field. Enter at the corner of the paved drive. There are many types including racer, large gap, hip, double, table top, step up, step down, and flyout. The jump line uses the main walking trail but the jumps themselves are all off the main trail. Summer weeds can make it difficult to see all jumps unless you know where to look. But the main line of 4 jumps is pretty obvious
Spotted by Johnathan

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@ six stair, United Kingdom, Street Spot
p.e chick @ Port Elizabeth Skatepark, South Africa, Skatepark


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