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Welcome to DoubleWake: The perfect spot to mix the best wakeboarding, wakeskating and wakesurfing, 20 minutes from the airport We are situated in the beautifull and sunny Capitale of Andalucia. It is the perfect region to combinate interesting tourism, serious wakeboarding and a very attractive spanish night life. Opened 11 month out of the year. The best weather in Europe, enjoy with us during the winter! Come to learn! and take the opportunity of the 5 daysWakeboard Camp The best way to improve your riding, video review, and the best coaching thanks to the only European rider with 14 years of professional experience, still on the European ranking first places. 5 times European champion, countless apparition and covers in all international magazine and whose first experience as coach was at the WakeboardCamp in Orlando, our head coach, Cyril Cornaro… DoubleWake has it all for you to have a great time and make your riding level progress. info@doublewake.com +34 667 366 256 +34 660 233 574
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